Brittany Jean Museum Visit and Photo Shoot

Tuesday afternoon, we had a flying visit from US model Brittany Jean. Brittany also provides care packages and supports various US and foreign military veteran organisations including Soldier On (Australia and UK) and many others through Vixens 4 Veterans. This organisation raises money for veterans with PTSD.

Brittany arrived a little after 15:30, with her photographer, and Kevin Noel from the Wanderers Rock and Roll car club. Kevin arranged the quick unscheduled visit while Brittany was in Adelaide for her flying four day visit before heading to Brisbane then back to the US.

Brittany had a few photos with the Stuart Tank, Dave’s GPA, the North South Ford, Searchlight and Russell’s Austin. She was all done in a little over an hour!

Keep an eye out on Brittany’s Facebook page with details of her visit to the museum.