The Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month beginning at 7pm. These are open meetings with anyone welcome to attend. The Society’s General Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month, except December, beginning at 7.30pm. The venue for both meetings is the Society’s Clubroom within the National Military Vehicle Museum (NMVM) 10 Sturton Rd, Edinburgh Park, 5111 South Australia.

Committee Members

President Dave Carmen  
Vice President Michael Jebb  
Secretary Russell Vine
Treasurer Ryan Vallis
Editor Peter Sabey
Public Relations Jeff Pinney  
Safety Officer Ray Hall  
Safety Officer Hugh Davis  

A new sub-committee was elected by the Committee at the first Committee Meeting following the Annual General Meeting held in July 2018. This Sub-Committee is a tireless group of people who work enthusiastically, with the support of Society members to promote, operate, maintain and continually upgrade the National Military Vehicle Museum.

Federation Delegates Hugh Davis  
Peter Sabey  
Librarian Jeff Tun Tin
Tours Coordinator Don Blackmore
Membership Officer Paula Kenny  
Militaria Display Manager Grant Robinson  
Radio Display Manager  Tony Bell  
Quartermasters Bill and Eileen Prior  
Catering Eileen Prior  
Vehicle Display Manager David Carmen  
Vehicle Service Manager Monday Workshop Team- delegated by Ray Hall  
Webmaster Thomas Jebb
Workshop Manager Ray Hall  
Gun Crew Representative Don Blackmore  
Historic Registration Registrars Peter Sabey
Don Blackmore
MIchael Jebb