Lady Soldiers Book Launch

One of the great things about our museum is that the majority of our vehicles are operational and that means that we get to use them in the community, in support of events. Yesterday’s event, the Lady Soldiers book launch at the Keswick Army Barracks was an excellent opportunity to give something back to ex-members of the WRAAC and the RAANC.

Unfortunately, there was a minor mechanical problem with Terry’s Saracen preventing it from attending, but a quick substitution with Grant and his GMC, and we were back on track with the final list of drivers and vehicles being:

  • Russell – 1938 Austin Ten Staff Car
  • Sam – 1945 Ford GPW Jeep
  • Darryl – 1944 Willys MB Jeep
  • Richmond – 1986 110 Defender GS
  • Grant – 1941 GMC CCKW
  • Ray – 1973 International Mk5 AACO F 5

The vehicles arrived at the Torrens Parade Ground bright and early and were greeted by a group of approximately 35 ex-servicewomen, a few of their partners and a Channel Nine news crew. To say that the ladies were excited about the vehicles is an understatement and after posing for a few photos they loaded onto the vehicles, even though there was an approximate 20 minute wait for a couple of the ladies to arrive from the airport. From the laughing and chatting coming from the back of the vehicles, we’re pretty sure that they didn’t mind!

Departing the Parade Ground, the convoy travelled through the centre of Adelaide, where it attracted lots of attention, and made its way to the Keswick Army Barracks via King William Street, Greenhill Road and Anzac Highway.

After a brief service, there was a morning tea (the scones were fantastic!), the book launch, with many of our members purchasing signed copies of the book, and a lunch.

There was a brief segment on the Channel Nine News about the event:

We think that this was a highly successful occasion and the event was very well organized. We had a lot of fun and are always keen to provide assistance for this sort of event.

We would like to thank:

  • Helen and Betty, for organizing the event and inviting us to participate
  • Our volunteers, for providing their time, vehicles and fuel
  • Trevor, for the lunch, and
  • Special thanks to the ladies who had driven over across the Nullarbor from Perth for the event, whom took it upon themselves to conduct a collection on behalf of the museum’s building fund, raising over $400 for us.