Army Cadet Weekend at the Museum

The museum had a highly successful visit from the Army Cadets from Keswick a couple of weeks ago. Everyone had a good time and learned plenty. We look forward to working with the Cadets again in the future.

A synopsis of the visit is below:

On the weekend of the 24th to 26th of June cadets from 413 Pipes & Drums and 47 ACU Keswick held a training weekend at the NMVM. The point of this weekend was to introduce the Cadets to the NMVM. Some of the things that occurred were lectures on the history of hand grenades, submachine guns, the 25 pounder, and an educational quiz on the museum. The cadets were also introduced to various vehicles in the museum’s collection.

This was a great experience that was enjoyed thoroughly by all involved be they cadets, staff and also the various members of the NMVM whom were in attendance over the weekend.

On behalf of the Cadets and Staff we would like to express our most grateful appreciation to Mr Pinney and the other members of the NMVM whom were in attendance.

Pvt (AAC) John Flory
OPSO 413 ACU P&D / 47 ACU Keswick.